Smartphone CCTV

Intruder Alarms

Smart cameras are ideal for keeping an eye on your home or property when you’re away. They connect to your tablet, smartphone or PC using WiFi and allow you to view a live stream from the camera.

  • Alert or email - Smart cameras connect to your WiFi network, and rather than record everything that happens, they record when movement is sensed. You’ll receive an alert or email to your smartphone, so you can view a live stream or choose to save the event for viewing at a later date.
  • Cost effective - If you only want to monitor and record activity around a single location such as your front door, a baby’s room or the garage, a smart camera is the most cost-effective way to make sure you can see what’s happening in or around your home.
  • Free app - Simply download the app or software to your device and connect the camera to the internet. You can choose to receive alerts or text messages straight to your tablet or phones when the camera picks up movement.
smartphone cctv

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